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Dala Horse

Dala Horse Wooden dala horse beads mounted on wood 2"x2"x5" 2014


Ram Ceramic ram beads, mounted on wood 3.25"x2.2x1.75 2014


Rabbit Ceramic rabbit with beads mounted on wood 3.125"x2.125"x1.375" 2014


Kanga Ceramic kangaroo with beads mounted on wood 3"x2.375"x1.75" 2014

Frog 2

Frog Wooden frog with beads 1.75"x4"x2.25" 2016

Squirrle 3

Mexican Squirrel Ceramic Squirrel with beads 3.626"x5"x2" 2016


Giraffe Wooden giraffe mask with beads 1.25"x10"x5.75", 2016 Sold, 2017

Chair 1

Chair A readymade small chair, wood and fabric and cushions, beads 9.5"x7.875x12.6 2017

Sickle 2

Sickle A readymade sickle which consist of metal and wood embellished with beads 41x9x1.25" 2017

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