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I was forced to repeat Preschool Because I was behind I was forced to speak Because I didn’t know how I was forced to go to school Because society said so I was forced see a psychiatrist For reasons I didn’t know I was forced to Change school Because the former wanted me to fail I was forced to Learn But I couldn’t understand I was forced to change school again But they couldn’t teach me I was forced to repeat the fourth grade Because I had to change schools I was forced to go to Virginia Because they could help I was forced to stay an extra year Because I wasn’t ready I was forced to go to Connecticut Because I had to graduate I was forced to go to college Because I got in I was forced For 18 years to read and write I’m used to be forced but now I have a choice To think and speak the way I chose


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Intelligence is a complex. Some are off the charts brilliant, some are average, and others are below the standard of society. People live their entire lives obsessed about their IQ score because human


It is a blur Words, numbers, characters I see no context Nothing I see them But I understand nothing My mind has checked out As it is all a blur

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