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Text and letterforms are the new contemporary readymade that of this century as there is a plethora of text that has influenced our consuming lifestyle. Through color and font, our brain sees words as pictures rather than reading each individual letter that makes up the word. In our contemporary society text becomes an iconic image that translates letterforms into an object.

Beatifying Chaos

Beautifying Chaos Three paper quilts comprised of documentation, poems and writing about my dyslexia that are sewn together. Then place the plastic sheet on top to create the geometric design. 2018

Letters and numbers

Letters and Numbers Digital Images 2019


Vowels Linoleum block print, white ink on black paper. 2018, 1/1, 14x20


Accommodate Stenciled bubble forms and letters with drawing in letters saying "It a fallacy to believe that intelligence can be measured" 50inx20ft 2019


b, d, q, p Digital images playing with letter forms 2019


Its All A Blur Linoleum Block Print, White ink on black paper 2018, 1/1, 16x20

letters and numbers 2

Letters and Numbers 2 Digital Image 2019


Jigsaw Mat board, colored pencils 2018

Try to Read

Try to Read Acrylic paint, block print, on wood at different levels. 27x48x6

Grammaticaly and Quizzicality

Grammaticaly and Quizzicality Blocking printing letters on painted wood multiple blocks with various sizes. 24x6x5 - 6x6x1 installed 10ftx24in 2018

Its all a blur

Its All A Blur Linoleum block print, Purple ink on white paper 2018, 1/1, 16x20


Confusion Digital image 2019

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