Artist Statement


Language is an everyday interaction. People use it to convey thoughts, emotions, and narratives, through the simple line that is associated with sound. Language is a community, and every day someone uses it to navigate day-to-day life. Written language, in comparison to spoken language, has evolved from only a few elitist to understand too now many across class and education. With the spread of literacy, written text has become a steady facet in our contemporary society. With so much text around us. the written text becomes an iconic image through color and typography. 

Similar to the Duchampian style of taking off slightly manipulating a found object and thus calling it an art object; I am taking the different fonts that already exist to and morphing them into my own alphabet. Letterforms are contemporary readymades because of the influx of typography with logos, brands, signs, and of course the internet. But this notion can also be explained how our brain views words as a whole. As words, is no more and a picture in our brain because of the font and color to the point where we only see the picture, of the word, not individual letters.


With my work, color is meant to create tension for the viewer to feel not only uncomfortable but also become aware of there surroundings as the text is everywhere. The letterform sculptures are life-size in scale to call attention to the similar shapes of the letterforms as they dwarf the viewer. The bright color creates a contrast with the black and white wall installation. The word read is a homonym as there are two pronunciations of the same spelling. Also the act of reading the word ‘read’ that requires the viewers’ participation to become aware of the impact of written text. Also with this work, I am challenging the pictorial nature or viewing a word as a picture by purposing misspelling it.